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Get to know Dr. Kelly Parsons

Dr. Parsons is a licensed clinical psychologist and the owner of Pursuit of Wellness in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Parsons' goal is provide a safe environment for individuals, couples, and families to experience growth. 

Through her training across the country, Dr. Parsons has had the opportunity to work with children, adolescents, couples, and families with a variety of presenting problems. Most frequently, she works with individuals with behavioral problems, academic concerns, mood disorders, trauma, relationship issues, and social stress. She also is passionate about working with individuals who identify as LGBTQIAA. 


Using an integration of individualized treatment and a strong family systems approach, she has seen great success in helping children and families find harmony during difficult times. ​

In her spare time, Dr. Parsons enjoys cooking, watching reality TV on Bravo, and playing with her dog.

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Get to know Tomiko Gold, LCSW-C

Tomiko Gold is a Licensed Certified Social Worker – Clinical. Tomiko works with adolescents, young adults & families facing the challenges of life & family dynamics including anxiety, depression, school stress, and life transitions. Her goal is to create a peaceful place for her clients to explore and process their journey at their own pace. Tomiko uses a strength based approach & believes everyone’s process is different & unique.


She uses a variety of interventions such as positive psycho-education, behavior management, trauma support, along with art, mind/body work, and connecting to nature. Through these practices individuals & families are able to develop healthy & safe tools that will help them to connect to their inner peace & learn to self-sooth as they grow & heal.

Outside of her work, Tomiko spends a majority of her time in nature walking along trails, hiking or relaxing by the creek with her husband & two pups. Other joys of hers are a delicious meal, a good book, True Crime, a long road trip & any ‘time in" with people & animals she loves.

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