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As a parent, you may be frustrated hearing a teacher's concerns about your child's behavior or academic performance. You may know that they are capable of more and it's difficult to see him/her struggle. Perhaps there is concern that your child may have AD/HD, a learning disability, or need a 504 plan or IEP. Maybe your child is being considered for advanced classes or may be considered gifted.

Comprehensive psychological evaluations and educational/academic evaluations are common in cases where a clearer picture is needed to see what may be going on emotionally and/or in the classroom. 

Psychological and educational/academic evaluations are another tool to help us identify a student's unique strengths and weaknesses. These evaluations can be crucial for treatment planning as an accurate diagnosis is often the first step towards successful treatment.

If your child has been recommended for a psychological evaluation and you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask about this process!

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